Welcome to Christ is the Answer Ministries  [C.I.T.A.M] Kapsabet Church.


This is the source of  Champions, Where everyone is valued.C.I.T.A.M Kapsabet  is located at the very heart of Nandi County,Kapsabet Town,off the Kapsabet Eldoret Highway.


Nandi County is the cradle of world beaters and champions on and off the racing tracks,and in the same breathe,we are keen on modelling a kind of disciples that would champion the course of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this County,this Country and to the ends of the earth.


Are you looking for a place where you can be built through the preaching of God’s word,where you can experience powerful worship and where you can exercise your gifts in serving others,then welcome to C.I.T.A.M Kapsabet.


We are so glad you decided to stop by and visit our website today.We pray that you will find enough about us while here on our site that will make you want to visit with us in person whenever you are in Kapsabet, Kenya.



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